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Thursday, June 22, 2006

USA! USA! US - aw crap...


Ugh...who am I more upset at? Donovan, Beasely, Arena, FIFA refs, or the diving crap from every single team?

Donovan and Beasely

I was at the Morocco game in Nashville. When you played uninspired then, I decided not to worry because I was sure you could atleast pick it up for the World Cup. Guess I was wrong.

FIFA refs

Wow...you'd think cards were going out of style the way you ripped them out of your dorky little pocket everytime a player stubbed his toe. Let the players play! Just because a guy tripped, doesn't mean it was a foul.


I don't know if I can possibly put into words how much I hate diving. You ruin the game by writhing all over the ground, crying and clutching your shin. You aren't hurt! Ever wonder why Americans don't like soccer? It's because you acting like a pansy anytime someone even looks at you.

Bruce Arena

You smirk through all the games with your arms crossed (because you're just to cool to get up and put in a decent sub). But then as soon as a ref makes a bad call, you hop up and throw your hands in the air. Just a hint...when your plan to rely on your vets fails, CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY. Sitting on your ass and doing NOTHING didn't beat the Czechs and it wasn't going to beat Ghana either.

Also, why the hell was Beasley not making any runs? Donovan? Any offensive player? The US team is young and in good shape. Let them run. Don't make them hang back taking 2-3-4 touches on the ball before they pass. Make them play faster and play more daring.

Don't even get me started on the horrible commentary from Dave O'Brien. Balboa just needs to unplug his mic.


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