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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Know Student Activists!

Right now it's not even funny how badly I wish I was out of (undisclosed location). All my DC friends keep calling me and telling me about the protests (protesting that goddamn stupid immigration bill proposed by that ass in Cali) they're having at my old school, and it sounds so cool.

I wish I was there so badly.

My friend Afroza says that half of the kids in her class are protesting. The police kicked them off of school property, so now they are on the street. Guess what? My ex-classmates took up the whole street....people couldn't even get off the Metro!

Gosh, I miss them so much. It seems like DC, people had real problems, not this fake shit that starts up in (undisclosed location). No one here has any real opinions besides what there parents tell them. A bunch of the kids don't even understand that Mexico isn't the same place as El Salvador (and thus, are confused when I tell them that a bunch of MS-13 people come from El Salvador and not "some Mexican country").

In DC, the schools had real problems...like gangs and my classmates extrordinary obsession with pot. In (undisclosed location), my principal is mad that we're bringing iPods to school. He's not worried that they'll get stole, though; he's worried that we'll download answers to tests and use them to cheat.

Okay, well, Mr. Parker, you find someone that knows how to do that at (undisclosed location) High, and I'll apologize.

At my school last year, there were so many clubs and ways to get involved: Gay-Straight Alliance, Young Republicans, Young Democrats, LASA, African Heritage Club, Muslim Youth, Christian Youth, Latin Heritage Club, Asian Heritage Club, etc. All the clubs had a purpose and a mission.

At my school this year, we have three Christian Youth Clubs that don't do anything. They meet once every quarter and try to guilt you into coming to pray with them at the flagpole before school. They still try to get me to come even though I've told them repeatedly "Thanks, but I'm happy with my faith".

Oh man, I just miss DC so much.

For more information about my amazing classmates click here. Also...be sure to enlarge the picture - I had PE class with the boy waving the black shirt in front of the SUV and the boy in the grey shirt in front of the kid with the red shirt around his head. The boy in the blue and white polo was in Geometry with me last year.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Memories: The Fallujah Scrapbook

This is a picture of Brian, who used to be the president of my synagogue's youth group. He graduated last year and now he drives a tank in Fallujah. He sent a mass email to just about everyone in (undisclosed location) and here are some of the pictures he attached.

He named this file "melookingcool".

This is a mosque in Fallujah.

(undisclosed location) really needs a brightly colored, ornately decorated mosque. There are two mosques here, but they blend in with all the sepia toned "historical" churches, just like the two synagogues. Actually the closest thing we have to this style architecture is the shiny copper-plated dome over the entrance to the mall.

Here, he is handing out candy and snacks to Iraqi kids.

- Wait! What is that? Can we zoom in there?

Oh my gosh! He's giving her Hanukkah gelt!

That made me laugh for about 5 minutes. Actually, I'm exagerating. I only laughed for about 30 seconds. Er, 30 seconds seems too long. It was probably only a second or two, but I still find it really funny.